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Game Services

Unlock Limitless Possibilities.

Break the Boundaries. Forge New Frontiers.

At 67 Bits, we have professionals with extensive experience in digital marketing and the creative industry with a deep understanding of gamification and cutting-edge game design techniques. We create captivating experiences that will resonate with your target audience.

What we offer


Games for Creators / Artists

We collaborate with content creators, influencers, and artists to develop engaging games that align with their brand and captivate their audience, and generate new revenue opportunities.



We design and develop branded games that seamlessly integrate with your brand's identity, creating memorable experiences that drive engagement, create loyalty, and brand awareness.


Edu Games / Capacitation

Through gamified experiences and interactive content, we provide engaging and tailored learning solutions. With our expertise in educational games and innovative approaches, we bring an exciting dimension to capacitation.


Art and Code

From mesmerizing trailers to vertical slices, our talented artists and devs bring your game to life. We also offer game design, character design, 3D modeling, ASO marketing art, branding, music, and SFX solutions to ensure your game stands out in the market.

If you’re interested in create an experience!

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