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About us

All for the love of games

67 Bits was born to make fun games with high visual style quality for everyone.

Juan León and Vanessa Ferraz are leaders and passionate people who believe in the power of the creative process to reach excellence in everything they work.

Our game studio has quickly made a name for itself in the casual and hyper-casual gaming industry. With a team of talented members based in different cities across Brazil, we have developed over 65 paid projects and prototypes for publishers all around the world.

At 67 Bits, we don't just create games, we build immersive worlds that capture the hearts of players everywhere. Our unique IPs offer endless possibilities, from animations to merchandise like toys and clothes. It's no wonder we were awarded 2nd place in the Best Mobile Game category at the Videojuegos MX Awards 2020, and nominated for Best Game of the Year and Best Mobile Game of the Year at the Indie Games Málaga 2022 for Elves Clan: Tricky Seasons. And that's not all - we've also won three Game Jams organized by Buildbox.

We are looking for a long-term partnerships to make hits based on metrics, trends, and feedback. So, that way we can grow and succeed together by doing what everyone does best and making it possible.


People on the team

Years of experience

Awards won

Our ideas are full of Latin roots

Lindo pôr do sol

We are based in Rio de Janeiro and we work with the principle “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” That is why we work with talented people and partners from all over the world.

The founders

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Only the best can make a difference

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